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Dragon boats day

18th June 2018 we did performance of dragon dance and dance of lion during celebration of a day of Dragon boats.

21.6.2018 22:19:32

Center of Chinese language education

2nd June 2018, we made an opening ceremony for establishing of Center of Chinese language education by Confucius institute in CU and School of kungfu and taiji. This is a great oportunity for our school members to learn Chinese language, which is for free as part of this program.

You can find information about our cooperation with Confucius institute directly on web pages of Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban):

12.6.2018 21:54:04

Team exams

5th May 2018, all members of wushu team and taiji team had to pass the annual exams. Everyone had to perform two forms in front of master Wang, the other members and public audience. The exam is mostly about verification of members' skills and gaining experiences for next exhibitions and competitions.

12.6.2018 21:53:22

Stano Bubán's vernissage

10th April 2018 in Theater Malá Scéna in Bratislava, there was Stano Bubán's vernissage with name Hasta la muerte mi amor. Stano Bubán also trains taiji in our School of kungfu and taiji, so we were glad to be part of the event program. Gallery.

14.4.2018 22:12:35

Training for Gamča gymnasium

We were glad to make a wushu training for 630 students and teachers of Gamča gymnasium in Bratislava. Seven of our trainers prepared a classes of short and long stick, taiji fan, chikung and fist styles. At the end, we also made a short exhibition. Photos are in gallery.

4.2.2018 21:55:46

Chinese New Year Celebration in Bory Mall

Let us invite you to the exhibition of School of Kungfu and Taiji during celebration of the Chinese New Year, which takes place on Sunday, 11th February 2018, 14:00 in Bory Mall Bratislava. You will see both, outer and inner styles of chinese wushu as well as dragon dance and lions dance.

27.1.2018 21:56:47

The Charm of Kung-Fu

21st October 2017, we took part in event with name "The Charm of Kung-Fu", which was organised by Capital University of Physical Education and Sports in Beijing with Confucius Institute at the Comenius University in Bratislava. You could see the performance in Istropolis, Bratislava. Photos are in gallery.

25.10.2017 19:00:40

68th Anniversary of People's Republic of China

Photos from 68th anniversary of People's Republic of China: gallery

21.10.2017 11:35:45


Our Wushuteam attended the even "BRATISLAVA - ŠPORTUJÚCE MESTO", where we showed kung fu and taiji styles of Chines wushu.

28.9.2017 20:34:09

Lecture by grandmaster SHI YAN XU

On Monday, 15th May 2017, Shaolin grandmaster SHI YAN XU came to our training. Our members prepared a little exhibition for him and he showed some forms to us. Grandmaster also presented the life of Shaolin monks and other interesting information. Photos are in gallery.

16.5.2017 20:20:25

Members exams

8th April 2017, all members of wushu team and taiji team had to pass the annual exams. Everyone had to perform two forms in front of master Wang, the other members and public audience. The exam is mostly about verification of members' skills and gaining experiences for next exhibitions and competitions. Photos are in gallery.

9.4.2017 13:17:01

New trainings video

We thank to Michal Bendel for his scenes cut from our trainings. You can find the video in the gallery.

6.4.2017 20:18:11


18th and 19th March 2017 we attended on competition IV Open Wushu Hungary Törökbálint, Hungary. We won 7 gold, 3 silver and 10 bronze medals. Photos are in gallery.

21.3.2017 20:24:03

Exhibition in Nové Zámky

We were part of a performance on exhibition "Chinese story" in Nové Zámky, 28th February 2017. Photos are in gallery.

21.3.2017 20:18:34

The new leader

Today, the new leader of Wushu and Taiji team was chosen. Michal Bendel is the one. We wish him a good luck. We would like to thank to Karol Zmoray, the former leader, for his 5 years leadership.

1.10.2016 14:40:32

The 19th conference of the European Federation of Chinese Organizations

24th August, our Wushu team performed well during program of the 19th conference of the European Federation of Chinese Organizations. Photos are in gallery.

25.8.2016 10:41:53

Exhibition in Bratislava

18th June 2016 we presented the art of sabre, taiji and dragon dance on SNP Square, Bratislava. Photos are in our gallery.

2.7.2016 12:55:29

3rd Wushu Open Hungary

18th March 2016 we attended on the international competition in Hungarian Törökbálint, 3rd Wushu Open Hungary. Our 20 members team was very successful, we brought 12 gold, 8 silver and 9 bronze medals. There were about 280 competitors total, from as many as 10 countries. Photos in gallery.

22.3.2016 21:25:15

A performance for Confucious institute

18th February 2016 Confucius institute organized the celebrations of Chinese new year in hotel Saffron, Bratislava. Our performance was a part of the evening program. Photos are in gallery.

21.2.2016 11:58:10

Our master on Embassy

Our master was invited to chinese new year reception in Chinese Embassy in Slovakia. The new Chinese ambassador, mr. LIN Lin, was there to welcome his guests. We are looking forward for next cooperation.

9.2.2016 21:20:33

New year with Embassy and a ball in ÚPéCé

28th January, we were a part of a programme of Chinese new year celebrations, organized by Chinese Embassy in Bratislava. One day later, 29th January, we peformed a short martial art show on a ball hosted by ÚPéCé in Bratislava. Photos from both shows are in gallery.

7.2.2016 19:59:41

Night of martial arts, Zlín

14th November 2015, the "Night of martial arts" took place in Zlín. We were part of the program. The organizer, Vladimír Tomi, provided us with the photos.

30.11.2015 10:18:36

Performance in hotel Bratislava

10th November, we did a good performance in hotel Bratislava, during aniversary of cooperation between MoF SR and PRC. Photos are in galléry.

19.11.2015 20:39:02

New videos

We added two new videos in our gallery: "Wushu is fun!" and "Wushuteam summer 2014". Enjoy!

8.11.2015 21:46:20

Celebration of 66th anniversary of People's Republic of China

Our teams did a great show during celebration of 66th anniversary of People's Republic of China, organized by Chinese embassy. Ambassador of PRC, Mr. WeiFang appreciated the quality of our performance and he was very thankful for spreading the chinese culture in Slovakia. Photos are as usually in the gallery.

4.10.2015 21:05:32

Wushu and Taiji teams seminar

Wushu team and Taiji team had their seminar in Mojmírovce. The main topic was the preparation for upcoming exhibitions.

4.10.2015 21:05:21

XXVIII. Congressus acupuncturae Bohemiae et Slovaciae, Zvolen

On Saturday, 13th June 2015, we were part of program on congress with name "XXVIII. Congressus acupuncturae Bohemiae et Slovaciae", in Zvolen. The congress was about acupuncture in current and traditional medicine. Our show took place on medieval "Pustý" castle, right above the town. Photos are in gallery.

14.6.2015 22:35:41

Wushu team and taiji team exams

23rd May 2015, regular exams of wushu team and taiji team took place in Bratislava. Every member of the team had to show two forms in front of audience and Master Wang. You can see few photos in gallery.

24.5.2015 21:43:42

Studio photo session

1st February 2015, we made a photo session in studio with name "Tretí zľava". The photos were shooted by Lukáš Gál ( We are grateful for his work. Few samples of the photos are stored in our gallery.

17.3.2015 23:24:36

Exhibition for Confucius institute

25th February 2015, Confucius institute in Bratislava organized celebration of Chinese new year in hotel Bôrik. We contributed with our exhibition to the event programme. Ambassador of PRC personally praised our performance and he wished us all best in the new year. Photos are as usually in our gallery.

25.2.2015 22:15:55

School ball, Petržalka

We were on school ball of Grammar school Tupolevova, Bratislava, where we showed a short exhibition of chinese martial arts. Photos are in gallery.

22.2.2015 01:35:03

British International School, Bratislava

18th February, we were part of Chinese new year celebration programme on British International School in Bratislavathe photos are already in gallery.

19.2.2015 20:38:41

We became the members of Shaolin Europe Association

Slovak WUSHU Association was accepted into the Shaolin Europe Association. The list of members is on association's web page You can see the statement about the acceptance here.

8.2.2015 17:27:09

Ball in Záhorská Bystrica

We were pleased to do the exhibition on ball in Záhorská Bystrica. Those, who were not there may at least see the photos here.

6.2.2015 23:11:13

The new photos

The new photos were added into the gallery: Christmas dinner of wushu a taiji teams and exhibition on "Christmas party" in hotel Carlton.

3.1.2015 13:40:14

China competition video

We would like to thank to Michal Bendel for his great video of the wushu competition in China. The video is in our gallery.

9.12.2014 21:47:20

Web site improvement

We have changed several parts of our web site. We have made few cosmetical modifications as you will see for sure. However, the major change was aimed for tablet and mobile phone users. Thanks to bootstrap framework, the page layout is much more user-friendly when using tablets or phones.

19.11.2014 17:24:41

The 10th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival 2014

17th-24th October 2014, wushu festival "The 10th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival" took place in city of Zhengzhou, China. The main event of the festival was the wushu competition. We attended this competition and we won several awards: 1st place jian shu (Denisa Laffersová), 1st place chang quan (Tomáš Macháček), 1st place dao shu (Tomáš Macháček), 2nd place yang taiji 24 (Diliana Durkajová), 3rd place chang quan (Denisa Laffersová), 3rd place feng mo gun (Michal Bendel).
In addition, we were one of 10 teams, which were awarded for outstanding number of points.

2.11.2014 18:20:28

3rd Shaolin Culture Festival Europe, London 2014

10th-12th October 2014, we attended international Shaolin festival in London, "3rd Shaolin Culture Festival Europe". Our members won great awards, one 3rd place, five 2nd places and six 1st places.
541 competitors came from 57 teams of 14 countries. Among 57 teams, 8 of them were gained special prize for outstanding number of points. Our team was one of these 8 teams.
Along with the competition, the festival hosted also various presentations of wushu, exhibitions of calligraphy, traditional tea ritual, traditional Chinese medicine. At the end of festival, 70 monks from Chinese Shaolin temple made a great performance of wushu.

12.10.2014 21:38:38

The 65th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Slovakia

We were asked for the exhibition on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the foundation of the People's Republic of China and the 65th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Slovakia. The exhibition will take place in Slovak Radio Building, September 29, 2014.

21.9.2014 20:30:10

CIS International Day

21st May 2014, we had performance for children of Cambridge international school in Bratislava. We were part of program for celebration of "CIS International Day". Few photos could be seen in gallery.

24.5.2014 14:26:32

Wushu team and taiji team exams

6th april 2014, regular exams of wushu team and taiji team took place in Bratislava. Every member of the team had to show two forms in front of audience and Master Wang. You can see few photos in gallery.

6.4.2014 16:17:32

Dragon team - video

You can watch the new video with our dragon team from several exhibitions - in gallery.

20.2.2014 20:41:58

Chinese New year in Crown Plaza - photos

I our gallery, you can see the photos from celebration of Chinese New year in hotel Crown Plaza, organized by Slovak-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

15.2.2014 20:09:38

The night of Chinese martial arts - video

In November 2013, our association organized The night of Chinese martial arts. Now, you can see the video from this beautiful exhibition. Thanks to Michal Bendel for his time.

3.2.2014 21:56:07

Chinese New year with Confucius Institute

The students of our association made an exhibition on celebration of Chinese New Year in hotel Bôrik in Bratislava. The action was organized by Confucius Institute in Bratislava and Slovak-Chinese Chamber of Commerce. You can see some photos in our gallery.

29.1.2014 22:50:20

Chinese New year 2014 with SINACO

Slovak and Chinese Chamber of Commerce SINACO invites you to unique event in Slovakia intended for fans of China, Chinese language, cuture and Chinese martial arts. The celebration will take place in hotel Crowne Plaza Bratislava, Hodžovo nám. 2, 816 25 Bratislava, 7th November at 16:00. You can look forward great exhibition of wushu performed by disciples of Master Wang Yingshen. As part of exhibition, you will see traditional Dragon dance.

26.1.2014 20:52:08

Presentation video from Prievidza

We have added another video from Prievidza 2013 into our gallery. The name of this video is "Wushu is our way".

6.1.2014 10:56:06

Happy New year 2014

We wish you all the best in the New year 2014!

1.1.2014 16:57:15

New year on Chinese embassy

Master Wang Yingshen was invited to celebration of the New year on Chinese embassy, 28th December 2013. He shew a little part of chen tai ji art. You can see the photos in our gallery.

29.12.2013 10:47:54

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all from Slovak WUSHU association!

24.12.2013 15:19:04

the Night of Chinese martial arts - photos

There are the new photos from the Night of Chinese martial arts 2013 in our gallery. Thanks to Roman Spišiak, the author of the pictures.

22.12.2013 17:04:29

Christmas party

14th December 2013, both, wushu team and taiji team met on Christmas party, which becomes a real tradition. We celebrated another year that we had spent together. It was very nice to meet each other elsewhere than in gym. Few photos from the party are stored in gallery.

15.12.2013 22:34:04

Article in Petržalka newspapers

10th December Petržalka newspapers announced an article about or Master. You can read the article on Petržalka newspapers webpage.

12.12.2013 20:46:54

Christmas show "Kids for school"

8th December 2013, we performed short exhibition on 6th Christmas show in Kúty, named "Kids for school". We were glad to present wushu to kids of Basic school in Kúty as well as for their parents.

8.12.2013 20:30:03

We are on Chinese embassy web page

On Chinese embassy web page, they write about our "Night of Chinese martial arts", and thank Slovak WUSHU association for spreading of Chinese culture in Slovakia. They are very happy about our exhibition. We would like thank to Mr Qian Zhou, Charge D'affaires of Chinese Embassy, who opened our Night of Chinese martial arts with his speech.
More on

5.12.2013 20:46:32

The night of Chinese martial arts 2013

9th November 2013 18:30 in DK Zrkadlový Háj, in Bratislava - Petržalka, you saw the 3rd Night of Chinese martial arts. It was evening fraught with speed, power, art and beauty. Shaolin monks made wonderfull performance of great shaolin wushu. Another great guest was Mistress Zhai Hua with her disciples from Prague. You saw also the organizer of the exhibition, wushu team of Slovak WUSHU association and students of Master's Wang Yingshen School of Kungfu and Taiji. It was beatiful evening and we are looking forward the next year exhibition. Thank to our sponsors, especially to our general partner HUAWEI, for their contributions and help. In next days, we will publish a video from the event. The first photos are already in our gallery.

15.11.2013 23:55:29

Our Master in FM radio

8th November between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, Master Wang Yingshen and his studet Tomáš Macháček were in show "Ráno" on FM radio. They discussed about The night of Chinese martial arts, about Master, wushu in Slovakia, about the achievements of our representative wushu team on international competition in China. See photo on facebook of radio FM

10.11.2013 11:20:32

New web site

We started the new web site of Slovak WUSHU association. We hope you enjoy it.

1.11.2013 20:44:22

18th October 2013 - our dragon came to live

18th October, our disciples featured outstanding dragon dance during the celebration of 21st anniversary of Chinese Shanghai restaurant chain.

See more photos in gallery.

22.10.2013 12:49:28

Exhibition - Dragon dance

18th October, on 21st anniversary of Chinese Shanghai restaurant chain, our disciples will perform a dragon dance.
The exhibition will take place near Shanghai restaurant. Good luck!

13.10.2013 21:11:42

The night of Chinese martial arts

Slovak WUSHU association with School of Kungfu and Taiji invites you to 3rd Night of Chinese martial - this time with international participants. You can see the fighters from Slovakia, Czech republic and Austria on 9. November 2013, 18:30 in DK Zrkadlový háj, Bratislava - Petržalka.
more information on

8.10.2013 21:13:49

New videos from Prievidza

In gallery, you can find the new videos from summer meeting in Prievidza. We hope you will enjoy them.

11.8.2013 10:34:22

?The 5th Olympic games - Kúty, July 2013.

9th July 2013 we was invited to 5th Olympic games in Kúty. It was a sport day for children organized by basic school in Kúty. Our performance was part of opening ceremony. See photos in gallery or on Kúty web site.

16.6.2013 20:42:33

Skúška wushu tímu

12. mája boli všetci cvičenci wushu tímu a taiji tímu preskúšaní na pravidelnej skúške. Každý musel odcvičiť dve zostavy pred očami majstra Wang Yingshena a divákov.
Onedlho si budete môcť pozrieť fotky a videá v galérii.

12.5.2013 21:47:59

2% z daní

Vašimi 2% z dane môžete podporiť aj našu asociáciu WUSHU. Tu si môžete stiahnuť potrebné tlačivá:
Vyhlásenie o poukázaní sumy do výšky 2% (3 %) zaplatenej dane

5.2.2013 20:37:50

Naša škola v slovensko-čínskych novinách

V Slovensko-čínskych obchodných novinách bol uverejnený článok s fotografiami nášho tímu o našej účasti na medzinárodnej súťaži v ČĽR, kde sme získali výborné umiestnenie. Veľvyslanec ČLR Gu ZiPing vyjadril radosť z nášho víťazstva a blahoželá nášmu teamu, taktiež mnohí členovia Slovensko - čínskej asociácie telefonicky blahoželali všetkým zúčastneným.


1.1.2013 12:54:06

Video zostrih zo Zhengzhou

Do galérie sme pridali video zostrih zo súťaže v Číne. Dúfame, že sa vám bude páčíť.

31.12.2012 12:29:00

Fotky zo Zhengzhou

V našej galérii si môžete pozrieť prvé fotky z 9. ročníka súťaže Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival.

4.11.2012 20:15:35

Súťaž v Číne

V dňoch 21. - 25. 10. 2012 sme sa zúčastnili na súťaži v Číne v Meste Zhengzhou. Súťaž mala názov "The 9th Zhengzhou China International Shaolin Wushu Festival". Na súťaži sa zúčastnilo viac ako 1500 súťažiacich zo 73 krajín sveta. Členovia našej asociácie získali hneď niekoľko ocenení: 3 prvé miesta (Tomáš Gronich, Michal Bendel, Tomáš Macháček) a 5 tretích miest (Milan Kováč, Tomáš Gronich, Karol Zmoray, 2x Denisa Laffersová). Additional info:

  • Official competition info
  • Photos of opening ceremony
  • Photos of opening ceremony in Shaolin
  • Photos of opening ceremony in Shaolin
  • 30.10.2012 21:04:29

    Seminár v Prievidzi

    Cez víken 21.-23. septembra 2012 sa zišli členovia wushu tímu a taiji tímu na pravidelnom seminári v Prievidzi. Na programe bolo hlavne usilovné cvičenie, utužovanie kolektívu a príprava na súťaž v Číne.

    23.9.2012 17:50:55

    Európsky pohár shaolinského wushu

    V dňoch 7.-9.9.2012 sa 16 žiakov nášho wushuteamu zúčastnilo Európskeho pohára shaolinského wushu v Berlíne, na ktorom sa zišli tímy zo 17 krajín. Získali sme dve skupinové ocenenia: 1. ocenenie školy a 2. ocenenie celkového víťaza.
    Súťažiaci z nášho wushu tímu Denisa Laffersová, Tomáš Macháček, Tomáš Gronich,Karol Zmoray, Michal Bendel, Tomáš Karovič a ďalší získali vo svojích kategóriach prvé a druhé miesta.
    V galérii je niekoľko fotiek z tohoto podujatia.

    23.9.2012 17:50:09

    European Shaolin Cultur Festival

    Šaolinská európska asociácia usporiada 8. septembra 2012 v Berlíne súťaž, na ktorú sme boli pozvaní aj my (pozvánka).
    Viac informácií nájdete na

    10.8.2012 19:00:55

    Súťaž v Číne

    Na jeseň 2012 sa 10 žiakov našej školy zúčastní na Medzinárodnom pohári vo wushu v Čínskej ľudovej republike, ktorý bude prebiehať od 19.-28.10.2012 v Zheng Zhou v Shaoline. Ide o prvú takúto účasť slovákov na veľkých medzinárodných majstrovstvách. Skupinu podporuje aj Veľvyslanec ČLR Gu ZiPing.
    Touto cestou by sme chceli poprosiť o dobrovoľnú finančnú podporu našej výpravy. V prípade ,že nás môžete podporiť, pošlite svoj finančný dar na č.účtu Slovenskej asociácie WUSHU 2624120229/1100 a do poznámky uveďte "súťaž v Číne".
    Vopred Vám ďakujeme.

    24.7.2012 16:47:44

    Nové stanovy

    13. mája 2012 boli členom oboch tímov predstavené nové stanovy, ktoré je treba dodržiavať. Ich znenie si môžete pozrieť tu: stanovy

    2.6.2012 22:23:06

    Nové rozdelenie tímov

    Od 13. mája 2012 platí nové rozdelenie členov do tímov. Už nie sú tím A a tím B. Vznikol wushu tím, kde sa budú cvičiť vonkajšie štýly a taiji tím, kde sa bude vyučovať taiji. Viac informácií o členoch:
    wushu tím
    taiji tím

    13.5.2012 15:39:48

    Skúška wushu tímu

    Zmena: Skúška wushu tímu sa bude konať 14. - 15. apríla 2012. Každý bude musieť zacvičiť 2 zostavy, ktoré budú hodnotené majstrom.

    29.2.2012 21:46:38

    Nové videá

    V galérii si môžete pozrieť videá z našich posledných dvoch väčších ukážok:

  • Večer čínskych bojových umení 2011
  • Exhibícia čínskych bojových umení 2012 - Praha
  • 18.2.2012 10:07:16

    Vašimi 2% môžete podporiť aj WUSHU

    Vašimi 2% z dane môžete podporiť aj našu asociáciu WUSHU. Tu si môžete stiahnuť potrebné tlačivo a s ním súvisiace dokumenty:

    Vyhlásenie o poukázaní 2% [rtf]
    Vyhlásenie o poukázaní 2% [pdf]
    Potvrdenie k vyhláseniu [rtf]
    Poučenie na vyplnenie vyhlásenia [rtf].
    Postup krokov na poukázanie 2% [docx].

    11.2.2012 13:52:38

    Ukážka v Prahe

    4.2.2012 o 17:00 sa uskutoční v Prahe v kultúrnom dome Ládví ukážka bojových umení, kde budeme vystupovať aj my. Viac informácií k ukážke nájdete na nasledovných linkách:

    facebook info 1
    facebook info 2

    24.1.2012 20:53:52

    Čínsky nový rok - ukážka

    Wushu tím bude reprezentovať čínske bojové umenia pri príležitosti čínskeho nového roku. Ukážka sa bude konať 28.1.2012 v divadle P. O. Hviezdoslava na Laurinskej ulici v Bratislave. Vystupovať budú aj rôzni čínski umelci.

    24.1.2012 20:53:08

    Ukážka na ZŠ v Kútoch

    Už tretíkrát vystúpil wushutím na ZŠ v Kútoch. 22.12.2011 mali deti v Kútoch predvianočné ukončenie vyučovania v znamení wushu.

    8.1.2012 19:28:51

    Ukážka - Bezlepkový Mikuláš

    3.12.2011 predviedol wushutím svoje umenie na Bezlepkovom Mikuláši na ZŠ Alexandra Dubčeka na Dlhých dieloch v Bratislave.

    8.1.2012 19:24:24

    Ukážka - Deň drogovej závislosti

    24.11.2011 wushutím usporiadal ukážku bojových umení pri príležitosti Dňa drogovej prevencie na Farského v Bratislave - Petržalke.
    Fotky z akcie nájdete v galérii

    8.1.2012 19:20:47

    Video z Chemox - Večer bojových umení

    V našej galérii si môžete pozrieť video z Chemox - Večera bojových umení 2011 odvysielaného Slovenskou televíziou.

    11.11.2011 20:59:27

    Zmena sídla asociácie

    Naša asociácia zmenila svoje sídlo. Novú adresu nájdete v sekcii kontakt.

    1.11.2011 20:18:11

    Nový kapitán

    1.10.2011 bol zvolený nový kapitán wushutímu, Karol Zmoray.

    14.10.2011 21:12:46

    Večer čínskych bojových umení

    V novembri 2011 chystáme 2. ročník Večera čínskych bojových umení.
    Záznam z minulého ročníka

    23.8.2011 21:29:04

    Chemox-večer bojových umení 2011

    15. októbra 2011 o 18.00 nás opät uvidíte na Chemox-večeri bojových umení 2011 v HANT Aréne na Pasienkoch.

    23.8.2011 21:27:57

    Sústredenie v Prievidzi

    V dnoch 30.9.-2.10.2011 sa uskutoční wushutímové sústredenie v RK Púšť pri Prievidzi. V pláne je intenzívny tréning a nácvik blížiacej sa ukážky. Účasť pre všetkých členov nevyhnutná.

    23.8.2011 21:09:09


    Od 9. apríla 2011 boli do tímu B prijatí štyria noví členovia: Maja Popluhárová, Lucia Plevková, Dáša Bráciníková a Tatiana Hubová. Viac o nich nájdete tu.

    21.4.2011 10:47:00

    Skúška členov wushu tímu

    6. marca 2011 sa uskutočnila skúška wushutímu. Členovia tímu A cvičili dve zostavy, členovia tímu B jednu zostavu. Fotky nájdete v galérii. Skúška rozhodla o novom rozdelení ľudí do tímov: tím A, tím B.

    19.3.2011 15:50:00