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The 19th conference of the European Federation of Chinese Organizations

24th August, our Wushu team performed well during program of the 19th conference of the European Federation of Chinese Organizations. Photos are in gallery.

25.8.2016 10:41:53

Exhibition in Bratislava

18th June 2016 we presented the art of sabre, taiji and dragon dance on SNP Square, Bratislava. Photos are in our gallery.

2.7.2016 12:55:29

3rd Wushu Open Hungary

18th March 2016 we attended on the international competition in Hungarian Törökbálint, 3rd Wushu Open Hungary. Our 20 members team was very successful, we brought 12 gold, 8 silver and 9 bronze medals. There were about 280 competitors total, from as many as 10 countries. Photos in gallery.

22.3.2016 21:25:15

A performance for Confucious institute

18th February 2016 Confucius institute organized the celebrations of Chinese new year in hotel Saffron, Bratislava. Our performance was a part of the evening program. Photos are in gallery.

21.2.2016 11:58:10

Our master on Embassy

Our master was invited to chinese new year reception in Chinese Embassy in Slovakia. The new Chinese ambassador, mr. LIN Lin, was there to welcome his guests. We are looking forward for next cooperation.

9.2.2016 21:20:33

New year with Embassy and a ball in ÚPéCé

28th January, we were a part of a programme of Chinese new year celebrations, organized by Chinese Embassy in Bratislava. One day later, 29th January, we peformed a short martial art show on a ball hosted by ÚPéCé in Bratislava. Photos from both shows are in gallery.

7.2.2016 19:59:41

Night of martial arts, Zlín

14th November 2015, the "Night of martial arts" took place in Zlín. We were part of the program. The organizer, Vladimír Tomi, provided us with the photos.

30.11.2015 10:18:36

Performance in hotel Bratislava

10th November, we did a good performance in hotel Bratislava, during aniversary of cooperation between MoF SR and PRC. Photos are in galléry.

19.11.2015 20:39:02

New videos

We added two new videos in our gallery: "Wushu is fun!" and "Wushuteam summer 2014". Enjoy!

8.11.2015 21:46:20

Celebration of 66th anniversary of People's Republic of China

Our teams did a great show during celebration of 66th anniversary of People's Republic of China, organized by Chinese embassy. Ambassador of PRC, Mr. WeiFang appreciated the quality of our performance and he was very thankful for spreading the chinese culture in Slovakia. Photos are as usually in the gallery.

4.10.2015 21:05:32