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Chinese New Year Celebration in Bory Mall

Let us invite you to the exhibition of School of Kungfu and Taiji during celebration of the Chinese New Year, which takes place on Sunday, 11th February 2018, 14:00 in Bory Mall Bratislava. You will see both, outer and inner styles of chinese wushu as well as dragon dance and lions dance.

27.1.2018 21:56:47

The Charm of Kung-Fu

21st October 2017, we took part in event with name "The Charm of Kung-Fu", which was organised by Capital University of Physical Education and Sports in Beijing with Confucius Institute at the Comenius University in Bratislava. You could see the performance in Istropolis, Bratislava. Photos are in gallery.

25.10.2017 19:00:40

68th Anniversary of People's Republic of China

Photos from 68th anniversary of People's Republic of China: gallery

21.10.2017 11:35:45


Our Wushuteam attended the even "BRATISLAVA - ŠPORTUJÚCE MESTO", where we showed kung fu and taiji styles of Chines wushu.

28.9.2017 20:34:09

Lecture by grandmaster SHI YAN XU

On Monday, 15th May 2017, Shaolin grandmaster SHI YAN XU came to our training. Our members prepared a little exhibition for him and he showed some forms to us. Grandmaster also presented the life of Shaolin monks and other interesting information. Photos are in gallery.

16.5.2017 20:20:25

Members exams

8th April 2017, all members of wushu team and taiji team had to pass the annual exams. Everyone had to perform two forms in front of master Wang, the other members and public audience. The exam is mostly about verification of members' skills and gaining experiences for next exhibitions and competitions. Photos are in gallery.

9.4.2017 13:17:01

New trainings video

We thank to Michal Bendel for his scenes cut from our trainings. You can find the video in the gallery.

6.4.2017 20:18:11


18th and 19th March 2017 we attended on competition IV Open Wushu Hungary Törökbálint, Hungary. We won 7 gold, 3 silver and 10 bronze medals. Photos are in gallery.

21.3.2017 20:24:03

Exhibition in Nové Zámky

We were part of a performance on exhibition "Chinese story" in Nové Zámky, 28th February 2017. Photos are in gallery.

21.3.2017 20:18:34

The new leader

Today, the new leader of Wushu and Taiji team was chosen. Michal Bendel is the one. We wish him a good luck. We would like to thank to Karol Zmoray, the former leader, for his 5 years leadership.

1.10.2016 14:40:32