Master Wang Yingshen

  • Graduate of Beijing sport university - wushu
  • 6th duan in wushu
  • 1st class Master of wushu
  • 1st class wushu teacher
  • 1st class wushu and sanda referee
  • Founder and Master of School of Kungfu and Taiji
  • Head of Slovak WUSHU association
  • Founder of Slovak wushu team

Master Wang Yingshen was born 11. April 1974 (in sign of the tiger) in Qingdao, province of Shandong. Qingdao is the origin of well-known Tanglang quan (praying mantis style), what is probably the reason why our Master loves praying mantis style. He belongs to 5th generation of direct followers of this animal wushu style.

Master Wang started with wushu in his fifth. He was a member and a captain of Qingdao wushu team. In these years, he won many first awards on various competitions.

Later on, he moved to Beijing to study wushu on Beijing sport university. He gained 6th duan in wushu and obtained licences: "1st class Master of wushu", "1st class wushu teacher", "1st class wushu and sanda referee". He is multiple winner of Chinese championships in wushu forms and fight.

During his studies in Beijing, he participated as an actor in several wushu movies, where some of his characters were more than minor parts.

After he finished his studies, he worked mainly as a teacher of foreign students in Beijing. Here, he encountered the Slovak people for the fist time.

In 2002, he came to Slovakia and founded his own wushu school. First, the lessons took place in Bansk√° Bystrica, later in Bratislava. Now, Master Wang teaches mainly in Bratislava, where he has moved along with his family - his wife Andrea Wang and three children.

During his life, Master Wang tries myriad of various wushu styles - Chang quan, Nan quan, Dao shu, Jian shu, Gun shu, Qiang shu, Taiji quan, Baji quan, Bagua zhang, Xingyi quan, Tanglang quan, Cuo jiao, Zui jian, Chang sui jian, Shuang dao, Shuang gou, Pu dao, Tongbei quan and many others.

1. May 2006, Master Wang founded Slovak wushu team - representative team of School of Kungfu and Taiji.

Master Wang Yingshen is head of Slovak WUSHU association. Wushu team is part of this association.