Gallery - photos

Exhibition in Bratislava, 18th June 2016.
Photo session in studio "Tretí zľava" in Bratislava, 23rd March 2016. The author of photos is Lukáš Gál:
18th March 2016, 3rd Wushu Open Hungary, Törökbálint. Photos by Tomáš Karovič and team members.
18th February 2016, Celebration of Chinese New Year organized by Confucius institute, Bratislava.
Our Master on chinese new year reception in Chinese Embassy in Slovakia.
29th January 2016, a ball in UPeCe, Bratislava.
28th January 2016, Celebration of Chinese New Year, Bratislava.
19th December 2015, wushuteam and taijiteam Christmas party.