Gallery - photos

Chinese New Year celebration, 18th January 2020 Bratislava. Dance group FUDAN, folklore ensamble SUIBE and School of KungFu and Taiji.
5th October 2019, The Night of Chinese Martial Arts 2019, Bratislava. Photos by Jan Šuráň.
15th June 2019 - Festival PUTA SVILE, Osijek, Croatia.
8th June 2019 - Thanks to Qin Zhen during team training in Bratislava.
7th June 2019 - Dragon boats day 2019, Bratislava.
1st June 2019 - Festival of flavors in Nitra 2019
3rd February 2019 - Celebration of Chinese new year, Bratislava Bory Mall.
Common Christmas party of wushu team and taiji team with our guests Liu Shan and Qin Zhen, December 2018.