Gallery - photos

5th October 2019, The Night of Chinese Martial Arts 2019, Bratislava. Photos by Jan Šuráň.
15th June 2019 - Festival PUTA SVILE, Osijek, Croatia.
8th June 2019 - Thanks to Qin Zhen during team training in Bratislava.
7th June 2019 - Dragon boats day 2019, Bratislava.
1st June 2019 - Festival of flavors in Nitra 2019
3rd February 2019 - Celebration of Chinese new year, Bratislava Bory Mall.
Common Christmas party of wushu team and taiji team with our guests Liu Shan and Qin Zhen, December 2018.
26th-28th October 2018 - The 8th International kongfu Festival Qingdao China