Slovak WUSHU association

The Wushu team

Wushu team (today wushu team A), group of permanent exercisers, was founded On May 1, 2006 by the Slovak Association. It comprises 16 exercisers - 8 girls and 8 boys. This team attends regular meetings which target the improvement of martial arts. Its goal is to present Slovakia and martial arts on local and international competitions, cultural events.

On May 1, 2010 Slovak Association founded wushu team B, it was first time when the child members entered the team.

On May 13, 2012 the teams were reorganized and wushu team and taiji team were created instead of A,B. More information: wushu team, taiji team

Currently the teams earned many gold, silver and bronze medals, and attended many exhibitions.


The Chinese martial arts have very long history, it is maybe as long as history of China. The most people know this art as Kung Fu. But this name isn't totally right, because in the translation it means "ability" and it is used together with another activities not only with martial arts. The right word is WUSHU - martial arts.

The history of the martial arts reaches deep into the past. In the West the general opinion is that all started in Shaolin monastery. But the truth is that China, one of the oldest civilizations, was under regular attempts to be conquered, which caused many wars. The wars were the reason why many new weapons and fight technics were developed.

The first piece of the information about Chinese wushu is from period of Shang Dynasty from year 1600 BC. The famous shaolin temple was built in 495 AD, it was one of the first Buddhist temples in China. The martial arts were used for defense of those temples. The monks, warriors are known from other temples too. For example: a temple from mount Emei (Emeishan) or Taoist temple on Wudang Mountains.

The real schools of martial arts were created later in period of Song dynasty. Besides the body training the students were studying literary works which were describing principles of the fight technics, famous masters, warriors or generals. The headmaster was teacher, who was transferring his art to students, similar as it is in today’s schools.

Nowadays fighting side of martial arts is often pushed into background by its artistic and esthetic style. Despite this fact, the fighting methods aren't dancing and they require strength, agility, flexibility and speed in the movements. All those Abilities together with the right technics are criteria for today\’s competitions in Wushu. Wushu was discovered as not only Self-defense but as international sport.

In 1929 first All-China Wushu competition was organized. It was very successful which started next development of the Wushu. In 2009 the 10th international Wushu Championships was organized and it opened the door for wushu to the whole world.

Wushu probably became most known through a movies - stars like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Jet Li have become ideals for many exercisers of wushu.


Slovak WUSHU Association is in close relationship with School of Kungfu and Taiji. All members of the associations are members of School of Kungfu and Taiji as well.

Shaolin Europe Association

Slovak WUSHU Association was accepted into the Shaolin Europe Association on it's meeting, 12th October 2014 in London. The list of members is on association's web page You can see the statement about the acceptance here.